The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line

June 15-July 3, 2018, Middle East version 4700 with double oil and double preparation in 2005, Jinan 318 for two people to Lhasa, Mount Everest, Kailash Rinpoche, Shiquanhe, Yecheng, Hami back to Jinan, 19 days Time, the whole journey is 11,304 kilometers, a total of 10,951.8 yuan for refueling, with an average of 0.969 yuan/km. It shows that the minimum fuel consumption is over 8.2L/km (Xinjiang Luntai to Hami section). 96+45=141 liters of main and auxiliary fuel tanks, which reduces the frequency of refueling. The average cost per person is 11,000. The car has sufficient power, good comfort, and strong air conditioning. When I came back, I only found that the left front shock absorber was leaking oil, so I replaced it with a new pair of front shock absorbers.

Kangding! In an unrestrained place, the sky is as blue as the sea, on the green grass, beside the clear water, leisurely yaks walk and eat while eating, no matter how beautiful the scenery is, it can’t match a bowl of seafood noodles at home.

On the sixth day of the self-driving tour in Tibet, we set off from Basu to the small town of Lulang. At the beginning, we saw rivers and snow-capped mountains, and took pictures while driving. We arrived at Ranwu Lake, which is known as the last drop of tears. The surface of the lake is like a mirror. Looking at the snow-capped mountains that have not melted for thousands of years in the distance, marvel at the beauty of nature and get drunk in the painting.

It is recommended that donkey friends can go to Ranwu and try not to live in Basu. On the road, the old donkey friends suggested staying in Lulang, driving all the way west, passing a small puddle on the road with a mountain spring, a group of donkey friends drove back and forth and quickly rushed through the puddle, the water splashed everywhere, stopped to take pictures, reminded me of playing in the rain when I was a child After the puddle, let yourself go back to your childhood, forget your age and face, and yell for fun. Continue to drive through dozens of kilometers of primeval forests, surrounded by centuries-old trees on both sides, so we can’t help but slow down the speed and breathe freely through the abdomen. Immediately, we feel refreshed and relaxed. The dizziness and chest tightness on the plateau yesterday disappeared immediately .

I was not willing to leave for lunch, stayed on the lawn of the primeval forest, took out the luncheon meat prepared in the morning, fruits and Shandong pancake salted duck eggs, continued to breathe greedily, thank God for giving us free oxygen, and only cherish after experiencing hypoxia, Realize that green water and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver. On the way, we pass through the natural barrier of Tongmai, but unfortunately, the large bridge has been repaired, and it is easy to pass through. There is no legendary “Tongmai Cemetery”.

I can only listen to Brother Qun talk about how sad the experience was ten years ago, so I advise those who have a Tibet complex to act immediately, otherwise it will become less and less fun. The natural danger becomes smooth. At 6:00 p.m., I came to the small town of Lulang in Eastern Switzerland. I suspected that I had gone the wrong way. There should not be such a place in the plateau area that is exactly the same as the Nordic scenery. It is more primitive than the Nordic scenery. The forests and grasslands, cattle and sheep grazing leisurely, is simply a paradise, people forget their career and troubles, think of the scriptures that people think is impossible, but God can, and once again marvel at the miracle of the Creator.

Lucky people are always favored by God. When I registered at Lingyun Boutique Hotel, I saw the elegant environment, cultural atmosphere, and enthusiastic beauties. I said from the bottom of my heart that I would give this hotel a good review. I suggest staying in this hotel, because it is the off-season. Very low discount, nearly 600 on Ctrip, half cheaper than on Ctrip. I am happy that I can find such a hotel that suits my taste. As a result, I am even happier when I go out. I saw the rainbow in my memory. The children in the city may have never seen it. I quickly took out my mobile phone, took a video and took a picture, and sent it to my family. Let the children See what a rainbow looks like. I slept comfortably at night, I believe today is another wonderful and exciting trip.

Leaving the Potala Palace and continuing to Ali, it is really better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books. Did a lot of preparations before going on the road, afraid of bad road conditions? Afraid of altitude sickness? Afraid… In short, there are too many worries without action. On the way of visiting the Potala Palace, I met an 80-year-old couple who drove from Chengdu to Lhasa. They were 80-year-old couples. The husband said that he would drive until he was 100 years old. He couldn’t help admiring him. He picked up the camera and took pictures. Only with a healthy body can we have everything in life. Growing old together is not empty talk. I don’t envy gods, but only envy the most inspirational couples in mandarin ducks. Good attitude, not old! There is no longer any fear in going to Ali.

After leaving Lhasa, we headed towards Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. The road was easier than planned, and there were still two sections of expressway. There were no green plants on the road, and the weathered earth and stone canyons replaced it. The clouds are getting closer and closer to us, and it feels like we will reach the horizon when we drive over. The winding mountain road is like driving in the sky. The road is far away, and the heart is quiet! Less and less communication along the way. Be with yourself, be with nature.

On the way from Zhongba to Ali, one step at a time, lakes and wetlands! , Desert, Grassland. The straight two-lane road has very little traffic. So cool!

On June 25, 2018, I stayed at the Tingri County Hotel. I don’t know if it’s because of the high altitude, or if I’m going to see the world’s highest peak the next day. It’s hard to fall asleep all night. I got up at 6 o’clock in the morning and set off at 7 o’clock. It’s just dawn. After driving about 10 kilometers, I came to the gate of Mount Everest Scenic Area. I bought a ticket for 90 yuan per person, and 400 yuan for the driver with the car.

After buying the ticket here, you need an ID card. Another window checks the driving license and the driver’s ID card. After the ticket is checked, enter the gate of the scenic spot and drive along Mount Everest Road for about 5 kilometers. Two armed police soldiers check the gate and get off the car again. ID cards and driving licenses, everyone in the car must go down to the hall.

After the acceptance, drive into Mount Everest Road as soon as possible, because you have to catch up to see the sunrise, and the driving speed is relatively fast. It didn’t take long to arrive at the Gawula Pass. The altitude is 5198. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t have a good rest yesterday, or I went to 120 The road turned too fast, and when I got to the top of the mountain, my companion on the car had a high reaction and felt dizzy. My excitement was indescribable.

Yesterday, I made an appointment with my family to watch the sunrise video in the morning. I didn’t pay attention to his reaction. I just asked Qunge to take pictures of me with the camera, but I always held it upside down. Hehe, fortunately, I saw the sunrise at an altitude of 5,200 meters. Because I am not a professional photographer, I use my mobile phone, the photos are not very good, but the sun burst out from the thick clouds, and it was so radiant, it still shocked me, I felt the blazing warmth, the temperature on the top of the mountain is actually only four Spend.

Looking at the endless 180-degree turning asphalt road that circles up, I feel my insignificance and a little bit of pride in myself. Mount Everest, for every Chinese, you will always be the geographical pride of our country. From a babbling child to a bearded old man, your name and height must be remembered; for every For the people on earth, your silver head is everyone’s dream. For this dream, countless warriors have chosen to climb desperately. Some of them succeeded, and some of them will sleep with you forever; this world The third pole has always been very mysterious and yearning.

Mount Everest! At that time, your height was still 8848 meters. Now your height has been corrected to 8844.43 meters, but this shortened 4 meters does not hinder your reputation as the highest peak in the world. Since then, that dream that seems to be within reach but illusory will haunt my dreams from time to time. Today, I stand at the highest point in the world, bathing in every ray of light from the sun for the first time; I stand on the top of the world, looking at the most beautiful you from the place closest to the sky, enjoying the sunshine.

The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line

The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line

The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line

The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line

The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line

The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line

The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line

After taking the photo, I continued to drive down. The people in the car couldn’t open their eyes because of the high anti-aircraft. I was also excited because of the photo just now, and I was a little sick and had a headache. Adjust the status and focus on the winding mountain road. As the saying goes, it is easy to go up the mountain and difficult to go down the mountain. I drove the mountain road carefully for more than an hour, and when I came to the flat road, I asked my companion to take a rest instead.

After passing one or two villages on the flat ground, we saw a snow peak on the top of a mountain from a distance. We shouted excitedly, look, Mount Everest. Because it is blocked by other peaks, the more you drive forward, the more snow peaks will be exposed. It is confirmed that it is Mount Everest. At this time, Mount Everest is like a pure and innocent girl, still holding a pipa half-hidden, more graceful and attractive. I couldn’t help increasing the speed and came to the base camp of Mount Everest. I saw the tents of the donkey friends who stayed here last night, and the hotel built by the locals with tents.

Stopped and visited the post office at the highest altitude in the world first, because it was too early to mail postcards. Then I went to experience the toilet with the highest altitude in the world and pushed the door in. I won’t talk about the feeling. Walking forward, I came to the 5200 stele, and met three partners in front of me. They told me that it was the same to walk five kilometers forward, and there was no means of transportation, so I could only walk.

Hesitating at the beginning, I immediately felt that since we are here, we must continue to move forward and appreciate the highest peak in the world at close range, and we discussed that the feeling of Mount Everest will definitely be different when the sun comes out in a while. We continued to reach the 8848 altitude of Mount Everest Here on the stele, the sun is also very face-saving, shining all over the whole valley. With the sunshine, our mood is getting better and better. We keep taking pictures and videos, and sending blessings to our relatives at the place closest to heaven on the highest peak in the world. With the blessing of God’s power, the video was recorded over and over again and sent to family members via WeChat.

Recording and recording, I was moved in my heart, tears moistened my eyes, and I realized that the health and affection of the family are more important than anything else after being thousands of miles away from home! During this period, the camera and video of jumping and jumping, there is a saying that is good, you always have to pay back, because you talk too much, in order to express your mood in the photo, you have to jump a few times. This is a person from the mainland plains to high Altitude taboo. Hehe, after the video was taken, we drove back and started to have a headache, and the high reaction began.

On the way back from Mount Everest, I saw a road sign leading to Sa (Gang) Ga. Brother Qun went downhill decisively, passed through the rocks and grass, and came to the gravel road. I took a cross-country trip, thinking that I didn’t waste the performance of the Land Cruiser, let’s go, the future is unknown, I crossed a small gravel river, and just after turning a corner, I saw a stone house in front of me, and there was an eight or nine-year-old child, and I saw a car coming from a distance , came galloping.

We parked the car, opened the window, and gave her two boxes of biscuits. The little girl shook her head and said money. We gave her a hundred yuan before she said it was a safe journey. It seems to be a very skilled process. From the beginning of sympathy, she regretted it. Giving money is a way of pampering her, and thinking about the backward areas and education issues. Because of the lack of cultural education, they don’t know other ways to survive, so they can only rely on tourists’ rewards to increase their income. Go on, without the ability to survive, and develop the habit of asking for money.

Because I was too excited in the front, the high-reverse attack began, and I had a headache, so I leaned on the seat and closed my eyes to rest. The road was bumpy and I heard the sound of iron plates when crossing the bridge. After about an hour, I slowly After recovering, I opened my eyes and saw a gravel road with only one lane on the cliff, with a cliff on one side and a weathered mountain on the other. If it rains, don’t take this road. The rocks here are very loose. Brittle, it may fall when the wind blows, and there are often mudslides when it rains, blocking the road.

Arrived at an endless stone flat land, surrounded by bare stone mountains, without any vegetation, it feels particularly desolate, and it also makes people feel very helpless and a little scared in this place, and there is no activity for dozens of miles. I slowed down, drank a few sips of water, and went to drive, holding the steering wheel and driving a section of gravel road. This is my first off-road experience. I was both nervous and excited. At a speed of more than 20 kilometers per hour, I drove Follow the wheel marks in front and move forward slowly.

Saw a small animal running on the road, across the front of our car, was a very thin fox, the only living thing seen for nearly two hours.

Feeling that we should be approaching the village, we continued to drive for about ten kilometers. Finally, we saw a man grazing a flock of sheep with his head down. We passed carefully. At this time, the navigation told us to turn left and slow down. I didn’t see a road, so I continued. Going along the gravel road, the navigation kept telling us to turn around. At this time, we hesitated and decided to turn around and ask for directions. When we returned to the place where we just turned around, the flock of sheep passed in front of the car very leisurely. The grazing man The girl came from behind.

We got out of the car and asked for directions, and Brother Qun asked in Mandarin with ethnic characteristics, which way to go to Gangga? The little girl said in very standard Mandarin, you will arrive when you see the golden temple in front of you. I lowered my head to take a closer look, and there were some car marks on the road in the field. Brother Qun had prepared some school supplies just as he was leaving, and was going to give them to the Tibetans. Little friend, I took out a guitar at this time and gave it to the little girl. Unexpectedly, the little girl immediately said, leave your phone number, I will thank you later, leave a phone number. The little girl said happily that she was going to Shanghai to study, and she was the number one among the 800 high school entrance examination students in this county, and the state allowed her to study in Shanghai for free. There is no accident, everything is inevitable.

The encounter between this life and us in this desolate place must have been arranged by God. We happily took a group photo together and left our phone number. I don’t know if the little girl will contact us in the future. At present, she has no contact information.

Following the guidance of the little girl, we crossed a temporary bridge built with iron plates that was so thin that only one vehicle could pass through. Brother Qun went down to command, and I passed slowly according to his gestures, and walked a few kilometers of deserted roads , passed a village, saw a golden temple, and returned to National Highway 318. Brother Qun and I discussed whether to give the school supplies he brought to the school in this place. There are fewer tourists here, so we should need more support. Looking for a place with a five-star red flag hanging high, I drove there. Sure enough, I saw the Saga Town Central Primary School. I went in and found the principal, and left them two large boxes of books and notebooks.

Brother Qun said that the trip was easy today, the things he wanted to do were finished, and the weight on the car was lighter. In fact, the knot in his heart was untied, because he always wanted to donate school supplies to the places where they are most needed. This is the place he thought could be donated. And she gave her daughter’s guitar to a girl who was destined, and she was miraculously the number one in the high school entrance examination.

I didn’t rest at noon, so I ate some dry food and rushed to the next county town, Sa (Gang) Ga. I heard that the mountain road was difficult, and I was afraid that it would be dangerous if I couldn’t reach the township in the dark. We drove 130 kilometers along the asphalt road without knowing it. Then I came to Kongtanglam Mountain at an altitude of 5236. It took me more than an hour to climb to the top of the mountain. I was very happy. I told my partner that it was my turn to drive every time I climbed the challenging winding road.

I have been circling like this and I don’t know how many detours to go down the mountain. The navigation told us that we had gone the wrong way halfway downhill. Re-open the navigation. The navigation told us that it would take more than 4 hours to reach Saga. It was already more than 6 o’clock at this time. It is very unsafe to drive at night on the mountain road. We panicked all of a sudden, so we had to go down to the flat ground and came to a small county called Jilong.

Tired and hungry, there are only two hotels here, and I chose the one called Legend Hotel to stay. I was tired and scared that night, but I slept very soundly. Because we believe that there are no superfluous things in life, and there is no superfluous way! The next day, because I went the wrong way, I had an unexpected surprise. I will share it tomorrow…

The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line

The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line

The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line

The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line

On June 25, 2018, I got lost and stayed at the Legend Hotel in Geelong. The owner said that people get lost every day, because the road to Saga is being re-paved, and the control will start on June 15. There are no road signs or reminders, and it is easy to follow the road Drive to Geelong, so travel to Saga do not climb mountains when you go to Saga.

In a place where the road is being repaired on a piece of flat land, you have to turn right and walk on the chaotic gravel road. The local people walk like this, and the car can’t go. The dirt road in front of Saga is very deep, and ordinary cars can’t get through it. Day County. Let’s talk about the surprises on the road. I set off at 7:30 am on the 26th. I had a good rest last night and went on the road in high spirits. I returned along the original road and found the road to Saga. I started the journey of bumpy dirt roads and climbing stone washboard roads. , there was not a single local car on the road except for the occasional local car. It was an unusual road, and the 50-kilometer road took nearly three hours.

However, this road is bumpy and hard. You can enjoy the snow-covered snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas on the left. It is very beautiful. Walking and walking, I saw a lake. It’s a pity that I didn’t bring a DSLR when I went out. I didn’t take a clear picture of the reflection of the snow-capped mountain. It’s this time, this space, I can see it so clearly, and the annoyance of running too much yesterday disappeared.

All the way to the top of the mountain, I didn’t know it was called Pekucuo until I saw the sign. After passing Saga, go to the 219 National Highway and climb over a mountain to Dazhongba County. There is an asphalt road all the way. There are few cars passing by on the two-lane asphalt road. The two sides of the road are deserted, but the scenery is particularly beautiful. , lakes, wetlands, blue low sky with white clouds within reach.

It is a highway that no one wants to speed. It is more than 400 kilometers a day. Driving all the way and taking pictures at the same time, it is not tiring at all. I live in Gang Rinpoche at night, the center of the world. There are many Buddhist believers from all over the world. The whole town is full of houses, and the 78 yuan shop is gone. It is 100 kilometers away from the nearest county seat. There is almost no place to live. Fortunately, there is only the last three-person room. It is recommended that travel friends who want to go to Gang Rinpoche book the room two days in advance.

Gang Rinpoche is the energy center of the world! Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world! Hole Tangram Hill! There are many mountains whose names cannot be remembered? Challenged, experienced. The only thing to challenge is yourself, whether you can let go of the immediate interests, whether it is as big as the country’s gold and silver mountains are green waters and green mountains, or as small as an individual gentleman to get money, and get it in a proper way! Whether you can love to the extreme, you are God! Do what you like! Live your own life! Belong to yourself! The world is wide enough for me to swim, and the passion is on the road again. Write spring and autumn in life without regrets!

2018.06.27 Today, I traveled by car for 13 days, from Gang Rinpoche to Dahongliutan, challenged 800 kilometers, adapted to high altitude, and yesterday 600 kilometers. Today I want to challenge a higher altitude. This journey is a double test of physical strength and perseverance. If the willpower is not strong, you will give up, because there must be many challenges on the road.

Since ancient times, there have been legends on Baidu that it is necessary to cross the legendary 6,700-meter Jieshan Daban and cross the frightening Dead People’s Ditch. Baidu said: It is one of the most difficult and dangerous roads in the world. It crosses the world-famous Kunlun Mountains, Karakorum Mountains, Gangdise Mountains, and Himalayas, crosses 16 ice plateaus, and wades through 44 glaciers. Most of the areas it passes through are “no man’s land”.

With an average altitude of more than 4,500 meters, it is the plateau highway with the highest altitude, the most dangerous roads, extremely poor road conditions and the worst environment in the world. Sure enough, we set off at 7.30 in the morning, and encountered the only cloudy day. Mount Kailash was shrouded in mist and could not be seen. Continue westwards and set off towards Heavenly Ali. Because I didn’t apply for a border defense certificate in Xinjiang before, I was delayed for two hours in processing the certificate in Ali.

There is a speed limit on each section of the road from Ali to Xinjiang, and I ran relatively slowly. I encountered hail, and when I arrived in Ali, it was another kind of desolate beauty. There was not a single tree on the road for hundreds of miles. When we arrived at the final Quanshuihe checkpoint, we had to apply for a pass. , all mobile phones here have no signal. At nine o’clock in the evening, I stayed in the small hotel in Dahongliutan. The owner in Xichang, Sichuan was very enthusiastic and down-to-earth.

This road goes west to Yecheng. Although Jieshan Daban has a high altitude, it doesn’t feel like driving from an altitude of 4300 to 5300. Instead, it reaches the last Daban cliff that enters Yecheng, with rocky peaks on one side. On one side is the abyss, the road surface is bumpy due to the rolling of large trucks, and the road surface creates an unstable slope. When driving on it, it feels that the car may fall into the abyss at any time. I was concentrating on driving. My palms are sweating.

At this moment, I also felt the sweat in my palms, and my mood was even more nervous. When I met a large truck approaching a corner, I chose a wide place to stop and let them pass. I silently prayed for them in my heart. I was moved again. When I turned 72, I saw such a dangerous mountain road for the first time. I cried for those truck drivers. It was too hard. They often had to rush on this road for their livelihood and to transport goods to the border. People have to worry about them.

Driving on the top of the mountain parallel to the snow-capped mountains, you can enjoy the scenery while thrilling. In order to leave a memory, I secretly took pictures while driving. The altitude is about 4790

On the 16th day of the self-driving tour, I came out of Yecheng and drove on the Tuhe Expressway for two days. Except for the expressway and the county seat, there were few villages along the way. Xinjiang has a vast geography and rich products. There is nothing growing on the ground, and there are treasures underground. After passing through Turpan, which is 39 degrees Celsius, at night, we arrive at Hami, which is rich in melons and fruits. The people here are full of enthusiasm and life is in full swing. The night market here is the most standardized night market I have ever seen in China. It is clean and tidy, with a wide range of varieties, both from the north and the south, and the price is medium. Those who pass by can stay in Hami, enjoy the food, relieve the fatigue of the journey, and reward them for passing by. 15 days of challenges, already excited and tired myself.

Why bamboo flute complain willow, spring is not degree Pass. Arrived at No. 1 Expressway in Gansu Province, and arrived home on the morning of July 1.

The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line

The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line

The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line

The old double oil and double backup Middle East version Luxun 4700 new Tibet line