“Xia Ke Xing” Treasure Hunting Dahekou

We stayed overnight in Laozhanggou in the last period. It rained all night. When the sky was slightly bright, I packed up my equipment and set off. I had long been optimistic about a crossing line in Duolun County, the Baoshi Mountain line in Dahekou, the local There is a mountain that is famous for its rich agate and beautiful scenery, but because of the complicated road conditions, not many people go there, and some rare people are also local tourists who play around.

Going all the way according to the map of Aowei, I really saw a local convoy along the way. After communication, they told me that they were also going to Baoshi Mountain, but they didn’t go any further when they reached the edge. They also told me that the bicycle should not go rashly. The road is really bad.

However, I decided to follow the convoy and go forward for a while to see the situation. On this road, I went up a big slope and crossed a small river. My Xiaomu two-wheel drive with the rear lock is basically walking on flat ground, but the local Hyundai in front of me SUVs are a bit strenuous, and often need to rely on speed to rush up.

I followed the convoy to the first scenic spot, which is under this huge sand wall. I stopped the car, and several local drivers surrounded my car. Quite a lot of interest, I was dizzy from the left and right questions, so I quickly got in the car and drove away.

Proceed to the second scenic spot, which is the edge of Gemstone Mountain. Does my Xiaomu stand out from the crowd of cars, but because it has been treasure-hunted by tourists for a long time, there is no trace of agate on the ground. Simply searching for a while is really boring, this kind of road is too simple for Xiaomu.

It took a lot of effort to pump the car in front of this small crossover. After getting on it several times, I finally rushed up by inertia. And our car, relying on the rear axle differential lock, easily climbed over. Here they started to return to the left, but I chose to cycle to the right to go deep into the hinterland of the grassland.

As the traces of human activities become less and less, the river water becomes clearer and the grass grows taller.

However, there are more and more crises. What we had to cross before could be regarded as a small puddle, but now we have to cross a real river. Because I don’t know the depth of the river, I can only choose to move forward with low-speed four-wheel drive, so as to avoid damage to the vehicle caused by violent entry into the water. Sure enough, my judgment was correct, the river water had already exceeded half the height of the wheel, if the speed was any faster, the license plate would definitely be lost.

Just as I crossed the river and got out of the car to check the situation of the vehicle, I found a small fish trapped in the shallows, struggling desperately. Don’t marvel at the magical vitality of nature. Only a reliable off-road vehicle can show you what nature is like.

Unknowingly, I climbed to the bottom of a hillside, and below it was the small river we came all the way just now. I was about to sit down and rest for a while, but found that there are a lot of agates on the mountain here.

This was so much fun, I didn’t rest anymore, and started a treasure hunt. Because there are few people here, many agate stones are exposed above the surface. Very easy to identify.

I picked it up in more than 20 minutes. There are so many stones of different sizes. After a simple rinse, put them in the car as a souvenir. Keep going.

There are still many small streams of this kind on the way, but they are nothing compared to the river we passed in the depths of the grassland. In this road condition, any four-wheel drive vehicle can pass safely.

As it continues to travel outward, the most iconic building of mankind, the telephone pole, appears on the road. I know that it is not far from the completion of the time travel.

But I never imagined that I still underestimated the power of the machine. In the depths of this grassland, a casino will be developed. It seems that this place will not be peaceful in the near future. I don’t know if I can still see small fish in the river. Swimming freely.

Well, it’s late, the post is just right. Our prairie in-depth treasure hunting trip has come to an end here. In the next issue, I will take you to Huanggangliang, the highest peak in Daxinganling Mountains, to have a look. Interested friends can private message me for the road map of this crossing. Before it is fully developed, you can take a look and pick up some stones. It is also good.