Haval F7 leads the “Three Musketeers”, and the new car is unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show

On September 5th, the 22nd Chengdu International Auto Show was grandly opened in Western China International Expo City, and the world’s major auto brands gathered in Chengdu. With much anticipation, Haval SUV, the “global leader of China’s SUVs”, with the theme of “Champion Haval leads the world intelligently”, landed in Hall 16 with a luxurious lineup.

In addition to the brilliant debut of the futuristic VISION2025 concept car, which adopts cutting-edge technologies in the AR field, the “Three Musketeers” of the Haval F series, Haval F7, Haval F5, and Haval F7x, which are “young, intelligent, and technological”, took the stage collectively and became the focus of the audience. focus. Among them, Haval F7 2020 made its public debut for the first time, and its AI intelligence has been advanced again, which further demonstrates the continuous technological strength of Haval F series.

Haval F7 leads the

AI intelligent network upgrade, Haval F7 2020 first equipped with L2 level automatic driving

As the first “global car” of a Chinese auto brand, the Haval F7 is extremely popular at home and abroad. In China, Haval F7 has occupied the top-selling SUV list for a long time, and quickly became the “explosive model” among SUVs; overseas, Haval F7 has realized the overseas localization production of the whole process chain, helping Haval’s July sales in Russia to increase by 356 %, becoming the top brand of Chinese auto sales in the Russian auto market.

The 2020 Haval F7 unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show combines intelligence, dynamics, and technology. It adopts a newly upgraded intelligent network connection system, and adds L2-level automatic driving and “AI intelligence” auxiliary systems to arm intelligent technology to the teeth. , with the comprehensive advancement of intelligence, it will bring users a brand-new experience that exceeds expectations.

Haval F7 leads the

Haval F7 is positioned as an AI intelligent network-connected SUV, showing a full fashion and technology style from the outside to the inside. The cool and atmospheric appearance of space technology aesthetics, coupled with the high-quality, high-tech interior, has attracted a large number of fashionable young people. Haval F7 has powerful intelligent networking functions including super context recognition, online entertainment, car networking and other functions, combined with comprehensive and thoughtful intelligent security configuration, it provides users with an excellent AI intelligent travel experience. Haval F7 is equipped with 1.5GDIT/2.0GDIT+7DCT “Double Ten Best” golden power combination, coupled with master-level exclusive chassis tuning, which realizes the perfect combination of vehicle performance and comfort. Its four-wheel drive system and 6 driving modes fully guarantee its ability to pass through various road conditions.

Trend pioneer Haval F5 will carry on to the end

As the first model of the Haval F series, the Haval F5 is positioned as a “trend smart connected SUV”, which achieves extreme coolness and fashion. Whether it is the sporty style brought by the “sharp Battle aesthetics” design language, or the exclusive unbounded Internet travel experience created by advanced intelligent interconnection technology, as well as the surging power and The experience of driving as you like is perfectly in line with the current consumption psychology of young people who put attitude first, expression first, and feeling first, and create a brand new car life for the national trendy youth. Among them, the Haval F5 National Trendy Edition exhibited this time, with configuration and service upgrades, once again brushed up young people’s experience and perception of trendy cars. As the youngest and most “playable” model of Haval, Haval F5 has always been online with young people by constantly “making things” as a “trendist”. From the HAVAL F5 Tiger Punch Passerby King Basketball Challenge, to the national HAVAL F5 Hundred Cities Sweeping Action, HAVAL F5 gathers young strength and cheers for Chinese basketball together.

Haval F7 leads the

Performance Titan Haval F7x Demonstrates Peak Strength

    Haval F7x is the first crossover model of the Haval F series, positioned as an “AI smart coupe SUV”, drawing inspiration from the design of the “skyline dome”, adopting a fast-back sports coupe design, and the overall shape is dynamic, smooth and tense Full, bringing a strong visual impact. The outstanding labels of “the only coupe SUV equipped with L2 autonomous driving technology at a price of 140,000” and “the only coupe SUV at a price of 150,000 that can accelerate from 100 kilometers to 7 seconds” are leading the coupe SUV market with strength. As a “performance group” among smart SUVs, Haval F7x has gained a large number of loyal fans among young people by satisfying the personalized demands of young people. In addition to performance, its innovations in cutting-edge “black technologies” such as intelligent driving, intelligent network connection, and 5G vehicles have also become its sharp weapon to arouse deep resonance among young users.

Haval F7 leads the

The first anniversary of Haval F Department embraces youth and plays with young people

Under the trend that young people have become the main force of automobile consumption, Haval SUV held the Haval F series press conference in Chengdu at the end of August 2018, officially opening the F era of Haval SUV. F series products take “F3” as the core concept of the product to resonate with young people at the same frequency. Fun is the intelligent extension of the Haval F-series in the AI ​​era; Fashion is the design language of the Haval F-series based on youth trends; Future is the forward-looking technology of the Haval F-series to break through the future of automobiles.

In just one year, Haval F5, Haval F7 and Haval F7x have been launched one after another, allowing Haval F series to quickly attack and occupy the youth market with a beautiful product combination. The “Three Musketeers” of Haval F series meet the individual needs of different young people with differentiated strategies, so that every young person can always find the most suitable SUV for them.

Haval F7 leads the

Haval F series, born for the young, defines the trend with the ultimate. Because of its precise positioning in the youth market and the real pain points of young users in using cars, the Haval F series quickly stood out from the auto market and achieved success repeatedly. As of the end of August, the cumulative sales of the F-series for 11 months exceeded 140,000 units, with an average monthly sales of more than 10,000 units. The Haval F-series has become a new growth point for Haval SUVs. Among them, Haval F7, the flagship model of the Haval F series, has sold close to 100,000 units since its launch in August, with an average monthly sales of more than 10,000 units. .

Haval F7 leads the


As a smart trendy SUV matrix specially created for young consumers, the Haval F series has been unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign markets from its cool appearance to its smart core, from its global design to its international quality. Excellent product strength is the key to the success of the Haval F series at home and abroad in the past year. At the Chengdu Auto Show, the Haval F-series flagship model, the Haval F7, was upgraded again, demonstrating that the Haval F-series subverts tradition, rejects homogeneity, puts technology first, and embraces the future. With the addition of Haval F7 2020 and more new models in the future, the lineup of Haval F series products will be stronger, bringing more high-quality choices to users.